Drop Cam: Two For 1: Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam

On April 18th 2003 Edward (Eddie) Duncan was driving his vehicle in Montgomery County Texas, it's unclear why he was pulled more than by Trooper Mcanarney, he wasn't speeding or in violation of any visitors legislation, but pulled more than he was. What follows is a perfect instance of a county, who makes its own regulations and ignores the U.S. Constitution that is so scary it should provide as a cautionary tale to all U.S. Citizens.

The crime that this teenage girl was guilty of was a simple curfew violation. Not the kind of curfew imposed following a national disaster to discourage looting, but a curfew imposed on minors so that they are not operating wild in the streets. This is a simple misdemeanor and generally garners a warning to go home, or at most a quotation. The fact that the officer decides that this offence warranted an arrest is without benefit.

If Custis is convicted in this situation, it does not appear likely that the jury will show a lot mercy contemplating that the nanny cam house invasion video clip exhibits that he (or whoever attacked the lady) did not display any mercy during the invasion and attack.

I merely can't get more than the reality that this was a fifteen year old girl and she is small in stature. It can be seen that as the officer is trying to handcuff the teen that he has her arm held in a very unpleasant position and she is saying that it hurts, although her phrases go unheeded. She is listened to pleading with the officer and stating that she is sorry. I question if this officer would like his child to be handled this way by 1 of his fellow officers. I find it incredible that this officer did not have the strength to subdue a 15 year old girl without resorting to physical assault. He must be getting ribbed a great deal in the locker space at the station these times.

TMZ noted on May 3 that a complete best dash cam video clip from a law enforcement squad car has surfaced of Reese Witherspoon's arrest in Atlanta last month. The "Walk the Line" star was arrested on a charge of disorderly carry out subsequent a traffic stop. Reese's spouse, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, was arrested at the exact same time for driving below the affect.

Dealing with lacking home, buddies and family members can be produced that much easier, but it takes work. 1 of the essential elements you can do is to strategy. Strategy to make phone calls to friends and loved ones. Plan not to be on your own. Don't allow your self be alone too much as this is not great for your morale. Invite the new buddies you make to spend time with you. Arrange for your family and friends back again home to arrive and go to as a lot as feasible. By being proactive and planning, you will have some thing to appear forward to click here and this helps with the ideas of lacking home.

NJ is a liberal state with gun control laws that discourage the Second Amendment right of self-protection with a firearm in violation of the Second Amendment and the SCOTUS rulings in Heller and McDonald, and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Moore.

Snow established out to write and immediate a film that offers with the horrors of religious fanaticism and the results it has on a anxious man-kid who saw his daddy bangin' some dude in the basement. Instead he created a cinematic abortion. This movie is an embarrassment to horror films and indeed mankind as a entire. It possesses a contrived plot, two-dimensional characters, and all the attraction of a student film. This is George Snow's initial film, and with luck it will also be his final.

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